About Us


Walking into the Copperhouse Eatery + Lounge is like walking into midnight in the new north.
Stars shine above, diamonds glitter around the room and the air is warm. Sitting in chairs that
spoon your back you read your menu and take in the smell of cheese melting and fresh bread
baking, tempted to put down your menu and order whatever is attached to those wonderful
aromas, you force yourself to read on knowing that there will be pleasure in each of the choices
available to you.

There is bustle in this room. Chatter, but your cozy table is an island in a sea of smiling diners.
Your order is taken and delivered to the kitchen and you nestle down into your chair in
anticipation. A reward for a long week, to celebrate a special occasion, just because,
Copperhouse is the place you have chosen to mark that moment.

When your food is delivered to your table and you cut into it with weighted fork and knife, the
trip from plate to mouth is slowed with longing, this is what you’ve been waiting for. Your eyes
close and you feel like an actor in a commercial, with head tilted slightly back and a soft
“mmmmm” escaping from your lips.

Picking up your oversized wine glass you accidently knock the copper water cup at its side. The
sound the small collision makes marks a discovery, Copperhouse Eatery + Lounge isn’t just
about food, it’s about the experience.